Hotel De Boskar 1773  belgium



The region had a rich history under the Roman Empire. The name of Belgium comes from the province of Gallia Belgica under the rule of Rome. However, the region did not gain real prominence until the 20th XIII-XIV century, when the cloth trade gave Bruges, Ghent and Ypres international importance. When Protestantism spread throughout Europe in the 15th century, the Netherlands (today’s Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) initially embraced it in the form of Calvinism, much to the chagrin of their ruler, the Catholic Spanish monarch Philip II.


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Chateau de Vignée

Marius Bosmans chose the picturesque Chateau de Vignee on the banks of the Lesse River to convey his understanding of the Ardennes through the seasons. The young chef has had time to tend to his own garden and bond with nearby hunters while renovatin

Chateau de Vignée  belgium
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Château de Namur

Château de Namur  belgium
Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Chateau de Namur, a hotel-restaurant that serves as the training center of the Hospitality School of Namur Province, welcomes you warmly all year round. The hotel features a seasonal bar and terrace, Sunday brunch specials, many modern conference rooms and open spaces for all your weddings, receptions and other events. friend. For tourists visiting Namur, the Chateau de Namur is a great choice. It offers a variety of services and romantic settings to make your stay more enjoyable. Apartment-sized TVs and minibars are included. In addition, free Wi-Fi is available at the hotel. To make your stay more comfortable, Chateau de Namur offers a 24/7 reception, a concierge service and a luggage storage room. The hotel also serves breakfast. Don't hesitate to use the free parking if you plan to visit the Chateau de Namur by car.
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Château de la Neuville

Château de la Neuville  belgium
According to Saumery 1740's "The Pleasures of the Liege Region," this magnificent castle, one of the most exquisite examples of modern architecture, is among the most stunning structures that can be seen from the Meuse. You can find the Chateau de la Neuville in the Meuse Valley, which is a piece of historically significant architecture. It is an uncommon example of French architecture from the 18th century in Meuse, and it is encircled by a 7-hectare park. Neither presence nor rhythm are lacking in La Neuville. In two minutes, you can be in Huy's old quarter for an excursion, some sightseeing, some downtime, etc. ). Your arrival is charmed by the estate Chateau de la Neuville. The chateau has been updated and is currently celebrating its 300th birthday in 2008. We have a new wood chip boiler that allows us to stop venting at least 30,000 liters of oil into the air, and soon we will have green electricity.
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Château de Grandvoir

Château de Grandvoir  belgium
The Chateau de Grandvoir is a quadrangular castle farm from the seventeenth century. The master blacksmiths of the province of Luxembourg resided in this structure over the years. Pierre Bonaparte and the Collard family paid this location multiple visits, making it a significant location in Neufchateau's history. Le Vaurien, a brewery whose beer continues to fuel Ardennes legends, is now housed in this once-hotel and restaurant building. You can plan your personal or business events thanks to the many rooms and spaces available. The brewmaster is available for a tasting, and the chef is at your disposal to fulfill your needs for a family celebration or a wedding.
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Château de la Chapelle

Château de la Chapelle  belgium
Learn about a tale where a special setting has been crafted in the midst of nature to give you the impression that you are waking up in a fairy tale. The unspoiled Ardennes landscape and natural beauty are sacred to us at La Chapelle. We think that stepping back from city life's bustle is the first step toward achieving personal well-being. You need the help of your community, novel encounters, top-notch food, and the chance to learn more about yourself in order to accomplish that. Mother Nature is very good at what she does because she is skilled at it. We want as much of the natural world as we can to be a part of your vacation. For the most adventurous visitors who won't settle when looking for a place to stay. The wonderful environment of La Chapelle rises between the brilliant hills and the lovely nature at the entrance to the Ardennes. A majestic old castle dating back to the 13th century that looks out over the Condroz's forests and natural wonders is encircled by stunning nature.
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Chateau De Hodbomont

Chateau De Hodbomont  belgium
The Hodbomont castle (1764,1779,1870) is situated in the midst of a breathtaking landscape that has helped make Spa's thermal treatments famous. It is a private home in a real castle with suites and rooms that serve as a resort, furnished with cozy old furniture. A number of opportunities for activities are also provided by this magnificent setting:. highly regarded golf courses, spa thermal baths, restaurants of various outstanding categories, and charming hiking trails. 50 km separates the former imperial city of Aachen, 25 km Liege, 50 km Maastricht, and 120 km Brussels. The distance between the cities of Spa and Verviers is 8 km. There is a 4 km road that can be taken by car to get to the town of Theux, which has a charming downtown area and shops.
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1898 The Post

1898 The Post  belgium
The former Hotel des Postes et des Telegraphes, with its 38 rooms and suites (ranging in size from 20 to about 65 m2), is a magical and legendary location. It offers its visitors an incredible view of Ghent's city center. Purity, comfort, and authenticity are concealed behind the neo-Gothic facade of natural stone by the elegant 1900s-era decor and furniture made of rare antiques. The hotel "1898 The Post" is an invitation to discover Ghent, this mysterious, seductive, and welcoming city at the confluence of the Lys and the Scheldt, with its restaurant. The hotel pays homage to the original premises by reflecting the intimate beauty that can be found throughout each room. Sloping ceilings, antique wooden floors, marble bathrooms, real skylights, vintage furnishings evoking The Post's heyday, linen sofas and armchairs, and a turret with a 360-degree view of the city's historic core.
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Hotel Jan Brito

Hotel Jan Brito  belgium
Pick from one of our 37 rooms. Standard rooms and duplex suites with garden views are all available to fit different price ranges. After a hearty breakfast buffet, set out on foot or by bicycle to discover the lovely city of Bruges. Relax in the garden or stop by our special, only for guests, sauna-equipped wellness center. Don't forget to look at our cost-effective package deals as well. Hotel Jan Brito is situated in the center of the charming city of Bruges, 20 meters from the most romantic canals and 200 meters from the Grand-Place. This historically significant 16th century building, which was owned by several noble families for many generations, has undergone meticulous restoration to become a lavish four-star hotel with all the comforts.
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Terhills Hotel

Terhills Hotel  belgium
The Terhills Hotel in Maasmechelen, Belgium, is a four-star establishment with 59 luxurious rooms. The massive main mine building, designed in a neoclassical baroque style, is a showcase of our nation's industrial past. The structure now has a trendy, futuristic interpretation dot. Terhills Hotel is located in Limburg's lush greenery, amidst a variety of beautiful water features and lush plants. The slag heaps and headstock provide distinctive views that bring the past of coal mining closer than ever. The hotel's greatest asset is its charming French garden, which connects to the principal entrance to Belgium's only National Park, a veritable hiking paradise. Additionally, this road leads to a different type of paradise, that you can access by taking a step.
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Hotel De Boskar 1773

Hotel De Boskar 1773  belgium
The 19 opulently furnished rooms have every convenience, including air conditioning, free internet, a minibar, and a roomy bathroom with a bathtub and TV. Your only option is to relax given the distinctive design of the hotel's rooms. You can also take advantage of our wellness amenities, which include a private infrared sauna cabin with a rain shower. In the adjacent 't Oud Stadthuys (1637), our brasserie will be serving a delectable breakfast to you in the morning. Breakfast is served until 10am. There are two additional rooms in the building that are perfect for gatherings, seminars, weddings, and other events.


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